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About Me

When I was in my wild, nomadic 20's, going to a lot of meditation retreats (my version of being young and wild was extremely wholesome - there were also a lot of kale and bicycles involved,) I didn't know what I wanted to do that would align with what was really important to me. Then I took a weekend workshop in massage and felt, for the first time, a way to bring what I had been feeling on the meditation cushion into my out-and-about life. This has been pretty much the perfect career for me ever since. 

Working to restore balance in the body, especially the nervous system, has offered me something particularly fabulous, because the body is an endlessly complex, fascinating, multifaceted subject that I'll never finish learning about intellectually or kinesthetically. Also - and this is no small priority - I don't have to sit still or wear shoes while I work. 

Because my intuition grew out of my bodywork practice, and wasn't just something I was born with, I especially like helping my clients develop their own intuition. I strongly believe - because Spirit told me emphatically - that anyone who's interested in intuition can fully become psychic and learn to heal with energy work. I offer intuitive counseling and energy healing sessions in my other practice, at
All Manner of Magic.

In my spare time, I enjoy shamelessly doing pretty much all the crunchy granola things, learning languages, dancing around, writing, gardening where I'm allowed to, and visualizing all the places I would add more plants if I could get away with it. 

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